Pair: 4 - 24
Cross-Section: 1.5 mm2 - 2.5 mm2
Out of standard:
Pair: 4 - 5
Cross-Section: 4 mm2 - 16 mm2
Cables | Control cables

These PVC flat flexible cables are used for installation as power and control cables for tracks and carriers, transport systems, tool machinery, in particular for hoisting equipment, crane and container bridges and in all circumstances in which the cable is subjected to severe bending and continuous movement in one plane only. These cables are not suitable for outdoor applications or ambient air temperatures below 0 °C or above +40 °C. These cables must be rolled up and suspended, such that no twisting or kink occur.
• Talebe göre damarlar bakır blendajlı yapılır.
• Screened cores with copper braiding can be produced on request.

Cable design Tehnical data
Conductor : Plain Cu wires, flexible, IEC 228-5
Insulation : PVC compound
Core identification : Up to 5 cores colour coded, the others are numbered code.
Outer Sheath : PVC compound.
Outer Colour : Siyah
Standard : According to VDE 0281
Insulation resistance : >20
Rated voltage Uo/U : 450 / 700V
Test voltage (AC 50 Hz) : 2500 V
Temperature range : -30°C / +70°C
Min. Bending radius : 15x Cable diameter