Cables | Ship & yacht type cables
PVC Steel Wire Braid Ship Type Cables
SY- Single core 300/500 V

These cables are mainly used in permanent installations such as e.g. lighting, power cables in ships. They are very resistant to all conditions in the marine environment such as dry, wet and oil Steel wire braid serves as protection against mechanical traverse loads and act as a magnetic screen against interference. The galvanised steel wires are free of corresion and oxidation.

Cable design Tehnical data
Conductor : Plain Cu wires, flexible, IEC 228-5.
Insulation : PVC compound   
Screen : Braid of galvanised wires, approx. %85 coverage.
Outer Sheath : Oil and flame resistant special PVC compound.
Outer Colour : Black / Grey
Standard : According to VDE 0250.
Insulation resistance : >20
Rated voltage Uo/U : 300 / 500 V
Test voltage (AC 50 Hz) : 2000 V
Temperature range : -40 °C +70 °C
Min. Bending radius : 10 x Cable diameter
Flame Retardant Test : IEC 332.1