Cables | Instrumentation cables

For transmission of analoge and digital signals in instrument and control systems. Not allowed for direct connection to low impedance sources, e.g. public mains electricity supply. Recommended for direct burial. For indoor and outdoor installation, in dry and wet locations; on racks, trays, in conduits.

Cable design Tehnical data
Conductor : Plain annealed or tinned copper, 7 stranded.
Insulation : PE compound
Core identification* : Black / blue; with numbered tape under separator tape of the pair screen.
Pair screen : With drain wire under the AL-PES tape.
Lay-up : Screened and numbered tape pairs laid up in layers of optimum pitch.
Seperatör : Polyester tape
Overall screen : With tinned drain wire under the AL-PES tape.
Filler : PE compound, Black
Armour : Galvanized steel wires braid.
Outher Sheath : Flame-retardant special PVC compound.
Outher Colour : Black, Grey, Blue (For connection of
Ex-Proof tools).
• Other core identification avalible upon request.
Standard : According to BS 5308 Part 1 Type 2.
Insulation resistance : >5000
Mutual Capacitance (800 Hz) : 140 nF/km
Operating voltage : 300 V
Test voltage (AC 50 Hz) : Core/core : 2000 V
Core/screen : 1000 V
Temperature range : -40 °C / +70 °C
Min. Bending radius : 10x Cable diameter
The screen of metal foil protects the circuits from external interfering signals.***